Tuesday, 27 November 2012

OpenBook Ireland is a small Irish christian publishing house with the objective of publishing God’s Word & the life changing Message of Jesus Christ in print & digital media in Ireland so that it is readily available & understandable to every person on this island.
Background: Biblical literacy in Ireland today 
• The Bible is (incredibly) still a relatively unknown, closed book, although vaguely respected. Very few have read the Bible -God's message to humanity.
• Most people have very little idea of what the real gospel message of Jesus actually is. 
• Many people are totally unaware of the existence of independent Irish christian churches as an alternative to traditional religion. Most have no accurate idea of what a bible based church is -nor where to find one. 
We would like to help address issues like these.

Our National Treasure
Ireland has a rich heritage of the gospel coming with Saint Patrick and in fact a copy of the gospels (The Book of Kells in Trinity College, Dublin) is regarded as our National Treasure.
Ironically, Bible knowledge in our country is almost nil. 
What do we do?
We produce the annual calendar called 'Iosa -Inspirational Irish Christian Calendar' featuring scenes from Ireland with Bible verses & inspirational educational and gospel messages. Designed specifically for distribution within Ireland, this calendar is used by over 80 different christian churches all over the island of Ireland – North & South.
Average Calendar Printrun= 70,000.

With Aontas Ireland we design 4you Ireland's Ultimate Questions magazine & accompanying website called www.4you.ie
Average Magazine Printrun= 120,000.
The free Online version of 4you Magazine averages 4,000 views
View the Digital Publications here: www.issuu.com/4youireland
So, we have 2 Irish christian items -but there's a lot more needed.

Irish Christian Calendar 2015 preview

OpenBook is operated by:
Mervyn -director
Peadar -designer
Aiden, Eddie, Erika -photographers
& with thanks to many other volunteers

Please eMail: openbookireland@gmail.com for information on this ministry.
May the Irish once again hear the Word of the Living God -loud & clear!
Thank you,

www.4you.ie -Find out about authentic Christianity
www.aontas.ie -Join with christians from around Ireland